photo credit Elizabeth

Favorite places in Munich

Munich is a beautiful city with lots of things to offer. Whether you’re looking for food, shopping, a cultural experience, or just a nice place to sit and take in the view, you can find it in Munich! We asked a few of our students what their favorite places in Munich are, and here’s what they said:

Noa loves Bazi’s restaurant at Sendlinger Tor, which offers good quality and fast-food style Bavarian food for a good price.

Jessie likes to spend time in the Englischer Garten (pictured above), which is one of the world’s largest urban parks. Especially as we are now well into the spring season here in Munich, there’s nothing better than sitting in the sun and watching endless amounts of dogs and bikes just passing through. The mini brahaus, tucked away near Studentenstadt in the Garten, is also well worth a trip.

Jose agrees that the Pinakotheken Museums are definitely worth a visit while in Munich. Those of our students who choose to take Kunstgeschichte (Art History) last semester know how much these museums have to offer. There are five different museums under the Pinakothek umbrella which range in era and style. Alex adds that there is an “indian fast food place by the Pinakotheken has three euro half liter mango lassis if you can handle the yogurt.”

Jackie notes that she always takes visiting friends and family to the Alter Peter church, where you can climb 299 stairs to see a fabulous view of the city.

So long as you continue looking, you will always find that Munich has something new and exciting to offer you.